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Integrity | Excellence | Partnership

Wealth management services

At Tanistry Wealth Management, we’re devoted to providing our clients with the tools and expertise necessary to secure the future they envision for themselves and their families.

For high net worth individuals, tax-law revisions, complex investment environments and life-cycle changes can lead to doubts about financial outcomes. We understand these challenges and use our unique strategies to ease your fears and produce results.

Our Team

Financial success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of years of hard work and strategic planning. That’s why our experienced team collaborates to provide personalized services and comprehensive plans that produce results.

At Tanistry Wealth Management, we strive to be the premier provider of financial advisory services to our clients and their families with whom we seek to develop a lifetime relationship. We believe that we have the resources to make your goals a reality by adhering to our guiding values: unquestionable integrity, excellence, partnership, persistence and, most importantly, family.

Our clients always come first and this is reflected in everything we do. With an unparalleled attention to detail and personal touch, we aim to show our clients that we appreciate their business relationship and that there is no better partner for reaching their personal and financial goals.

Peter J. O’Neill Photo

Peter J. O’Neill

As a managing partner and co-founder of Tanistry Wealth Management, Peter’s goal is to serve as the client’s advocate and provide ongoing financial advice to them through his wealth of knowledge and accessibility. Once informed of the clients’ financial needs and goals, he is able to arrive at recommendations appropriate for and specifically customized to each family in order to build a lasting relationship.

With 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, Peter has gained significant insight and knowledge into a variety of financial topics, providing him with the in-depth understanding necessary to solve a range of financial issues. He is currently affiliated with Summit Financial, LLC, in Parsippany, New Jersey.

He graduated with a BS in accounting from Seton Hall University in 1990. Peter is an active leader in his community of Randolph, New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and three daughters. He coaches basketball and softball and serves as Chairman of the Randolph Softball Committee.

Common Financial Planning Mistake #1:

The Piecemeal Approach

Sadly when it comes to financial planning, most take a “piecemeal approach.” Doing so leads to subpar results and a lack of time, expertise and coordination.

At Tanistry we understand that our clients want to maximize their lifestyle and retirement, as well as leave a legacy for their family or favorite charity. That’s why we aim to coordinate every financial plan and help minimize risks and cost along the way.

The TWM Way is our unique six-step process. With each client, we carefully review and continuously update their plans to put them on the road to financial security and success.


Our proprietary process guides families to the financial strength and confidence they've worked so hard to achieve.

Introductory Call or Meeting

Describe service provided


Data Gathering and how they

Collect all financial, legal, benefits and insurance information. Collaborative sharing of information through an online portal we will create for you through emoney.


Strategy & Design Process

Team analysis and review of strategic plan development in alignment with your needs



Explanation and rationale of strategic plan details in person or via online webcast



Customized Plan in conjunction with your other advisors


Integrated Wealth Review Sessions

Provide ongoing review and progress towards meeting your goals.


Initial Meeting

When first contacting us we’ll hold an in-depth interview to develop an understanding of your current financial situation and identify short and long-term goals. Then, we will design a coordinated plan aimed to reach your objectives. Once approved, we will assist in implementing the stated planning and investment strategies.

Ongoing Management

At Tanistry, we are always responsible to our client’s concerns and constantly reassess your plan to make only the best recommendations. We continuously oversee the implementation of our recommendations, manage investments and examine assets and liabilities.

Quarterly Reports

Every quarter, our clients receive a detailed investment performance report that summarizes the assets managed by Tanistry, using Addepar, and compares performances with relevant market indices.

Personal Meetings

At anytime, clients can request a personal meeting to review the status of their investments and discuss any updated financial planning needs. We also work with clients on preparing and presenting Statements of Financial Condition, providing relevant information to their CPA and recommending the best strategies to minimize income tax liability while working with the CPA.

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Financial Success Is No Accident.

It Is the Result of Hard Work, Sound Decision-Making and Thorough Planning

Tanistry Wealth Management partners with affluent families to help them maintain and preserve wealth for generations while helping them instill their children with financial responsibility and strong values. Our services include:

Portfolio Management

Investment policy, asset allocation, due diligence, manager selection, consolidated reporting, performance measurement and brokerage and custody.

Tax Planning

Review and tax deferral structures.

Estate Planning

Design and documentation, trust administration, charitable entities and business and management integration.

Risk Management

Insurance, security, asset protection and hedging of concentrated positions.


Consolidated financial statements, budgeting and cashflow, technology and systems and record keeping and retention.

Lifestyle Management

Generation financial education.


Charitable mission, family foundation and grant making and monitoring.

Financial Resources

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